Prereading to Build Comprehension

My Elementary Passion

There are numerous articles that talk about the importance of explicitly teaching children with learning disabilities to think about any text before they read. In one article the authors researched/observed Learning Assistance Teachers. Abstract: In this study, we conducted 124 observations of 41 special education teachers teaching reading to their third- through fifth-grade students with learning disabilities to determine the extent to which and in what ways they promoted students’ reading comprehension. In 42 lessons, we did not observe any comprehension instruction. (“Teaching Reading in th 21st Century”, Klinger,,2010) YIKES!

I began to think, “what strategies would they observe in my teaching?  Am I explicit? Am I promoting students’ understanding?”

After further research I found “Triadic Approach to Reading Comprehension” by Adrian Sorrell, which focuses on teaching reading comprehension strategies to students with learning disabilities. There are “pre-reading”, “during reading” and “after reading” strategies that the author suggests may…

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