Cool Tools | Teachers: How to Bridge the Gap Right Now

Looking to bridge the digital gap? Check this out, especially if you’re looking for reading comprehension tools—deadline’s coming right up, but you’ve still got enough time: DYMO/Mimio has introduced the third grant award in its classroom technology grant series—the “Bridging the Gap” grant, a unique grant program that allows teachers to apply individually rather than requiring a school or district application. This latest grant is the first from DYMO/Mimio to incorporate Headsprout Reading Comprehension tools, providing research-based instruction that teaches learners how to comprehend text in an engaging, interactive, personalized environment. Two winning applicants will each receive five MimioTeach interactive systems, which transform any dry erase whiteboard into a fully-interactive whiteboard, five MimioPad wireless tablets that allow users to interact with their MimioTeach-enabled whiteboard from anywhere in the classroom, and five MimioView document cameras, which feature simple plug-and-play integration with the rest of the product suite. Each teacher will also receive five licenses…

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